Greetings! Welcome to the School of Biological Sciences (SBS). It is an honour and a privilege to have you visit our website. The School of Biological Sciences is a Centre of Excellence, where faculty, supporting staff and students work in an environment of freedom and respect for all. The faculty are wonderful, affable and very supportive of students.

The School of Biological Sciences was established in August 2014, when the University adopted the collegiate system of governance. SBS is one of the schools under the College of Basic and Applied Sciences, (CBAS) of the university.

The School is made of five Departments namely: Animal Biology and Conservation Science (ABCS); Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology (BCMB); Plant and Environmental Biology (PEB); Marine and Fisheries Sciences (MFS); and Nutrition and Food Science (NFS). The departments in the School support Medical School, Dental School, Nursing School and the Biomedical and Allied Health Sciences with the basic science courses.

The School also has a larger portion of International students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It collaborates with Industry and universities both local and international in teaching and research. We engage with industry stakeholders by offering contract research and consultancy services aimed at addressing contemporary challenges in the area of conservation, pollution, environmental sustainability and climate change, nutrition, food processing and technology, communicable and non-communicable diseases and natural products. Our collaboration with industry also offer opportunity to our students for internships, national service and job opportunities.

Our admission is highly competitive but application processes is very fair, as we admit students on merit.  I therefore invite you to take a look at our programmes on the website and you are most welcome to visit the School of Biological Sciences anytime you are on the University of Ghana campus or in Accra.  Kindly contact the Dean’s office for any further enquires you may have.

Stay blessed.



Professor Augustine Ocloo